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Employment Lawyer Case Results

San Bernardino County employment case verdicts:

San Bernardino Prevailing Wage Attorney

$750,000 disability discrimination settlement for employee who had heart problems

$18,402,868 jury verdict for male visually harassed and subject to crude comments by a female manager

* These are the published results of Employment cases since 2008. These are not results of the Employment Lawyers Group. We have handled 1,700 workplace discrimination cases, numerous San Bernardino Employment cases, workplace discrimination cases based upon virtually every type of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and unpaid wage cases. We want to help you with your Employment Case.

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Employment Lawyers Group's California results:

  1. $1,150,000 unpaid commissions

  2. $750,000 Sub-Minimum wage class action settlement

  3. $675,000 Sexual harassment in a warehouse

  4. $800,000 Controlled stand by class action settlement

  5. $510,000 Class action settlement of 125 workers on overtime claims

  6. $150,000 Settlement for failure to reinstate after maternity leave

  7. $465,000 Sexual harassment at a gas station

  8. $140,000 Not Accommodated and Fired for Mental Disability Leave

  9. $450,000 Settlement for 2 on-call workers

  10. $137,930.14 Robinson v. Mantra - Binding Arbitration Award in Pregnancy Case

  11. $400,000 Recovery following arbitration win for 4 employees who worked off the clock

  12. $150,000 Mental disability & termination of CFO

  13. $365,000 Sexual harassment of a delivery driver

  14. $137,500 Failure to reinstate after FMLA

  15. $305,000 Wrongful termination of 2 sales people

  16. $130,000 Employee fired for refusing to falsify records in lawsuit

  17. $300,000 Post trial verdict for wrongful termination settlement and minor rest break violations

  18. $127,500 Wrongfully terminated driver who complained his truck was unsafe

  19. $280,111.42 Vasquez v. Del Rio Sanitarium settled for $365,000 after defendant lost their appeal - pregnancy case - Jury Trial

  20. $127,450 improper inquiry about medical abilities

  21. $175,000 Wrongful Termination of Financial Whistleblower

  22. $109,500 Unpaid prevailing wages for 2 employees of a small company

  23. $165,000 Wrongful termination/whistleblower

  24. $107,500 Wrongfully terminated security manager who let his subordinates know they had rights to meal breaks

  25. $162,000 Sexual harassment at a home owner’s Association

  26. $105,000 Overtime due computer professional

  27. $155,000 Whistle blower at construction site

  28. $105,000 Fired After Depression Leave

  29. $150,000 Cancer discrimination & termination of waitress

  30. $102,500 Wrongful Termination of Site Manager

  31. $150,000 Sexual harassment of an eight-teen year old restaurant worker

  32. $200,000 for prevailing wage and FMLA violations

  33. $200,000 for PAGA violations and sexual harassment

  34. $102,500 sexual harassment of a janitor

  35. $800,000 for mis-classified independent contractors

  36. $350,000 for controlled standby and overtime for one employee

  37. $360,000 for missed meal and rest breaks, and overtime for 3 employees, and PAGA penalties for less than 25

  38. $180,000 controlled standby pay

  39. $193,250 sexual harassment by a sex offender

  40. $190,000 sexual harassment without a job termination

  41. $672,500 for sexual harassment at a truck stop

The value of an employment case depends on what your lost wages are, whether you can claim emotional distress, how badly you suffered, whether the conduct was done by persons who bind the company for punitive damages, whether you are credible, whether there are witnesses or documents that support your claims, how able your employer is to pay, who represents your employer, who your attorney is, whether your type of case requires the employer to pay your attorney fees if you win, what county your case is filed in, whether you signed a binding arbitration agreement, and a variety of other factors. Karl Gerber has handled close to 1,700 employment cases and can advise you of the value of your case.

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Every case is valued differently. Sexual harassment involving verbal comments can be valued differently than sexual harassment involving physical conduct. Sexual harassment that is not investigated may be valued different than co-worker sexual harassment that is investigated and virtually stops after a complaint of sexual harassment. Verbal sexual harassment that occurs daily, over a long period of time, may be valued differently than a case in which somebody was physically sexually harassed twice with their hands being touched and once with a shoulder touch.

Overtime claims that are hard to prove may be valued differently than overtime an employee is obviously owed because time records show they worked, but they were not paid. Overtime cases involving hourly employees are often easier to win than overtime cases involving mis-classification. Overtime cases in which somebody is not paid enough to be exempt are easier to win than overtime cases in which somebody is paid a lot such as $100,000, but does not really seem to be a manager.

The value of a wrongful termination case may increase if the employer's witnesses are obvious liars. Wrongful termination cases in which there is documentation to support the claim may be easier to win. Wrongful termination cases in which the employee found a job quickly may not be worth as much. Wrongful termination cases where the employer's conduct was exceedingly bad and done by high level employees may warrant punitive damages. Wrongful termination cases in which the employee was being forced to to something illegal may have more appeal if the employee refused.

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